Why do I need an Action Tracker?

Why do I need an action Tracker..?

Well, if you have a remarkable memory or you're not keeping track of anything very complex you might not need anything other than post-it notes! However the kind of actions I am thinking about here are the really important ones. For example imagine that you run an Information Security team inside a large financial institution. You just had a security audit and a critical non-conformance urgently needs to be addressed by Fred before next Tuesday. So now you have 3 reasons to apply a bit more thought into how you're going to keep track of this action. You have something very important that needs to be done by a specific date, and you need to give this task to Fred to do.

After Fred gets the task he is likely to need more information, and when he completes the task you will probably want to check his work - in fact your boss may also want to do so. Your security auditors are also keen to see progress as Fred works towards completion of the task. There's another 2 things - we've got to manage the exchange of information with the person completing the action and we have stakeholders who need to see progress.

Of course when planning the work you will also want to see how many other tasks are outstanding so you can prioritise Fred's time. It's all getting a bit complex for post-it's isn't it ? (and if you're thinking about using Excel there's a post about that too !.. spoiler alert, we don't recommend it )

If you can identify with this scenario and would like to see how a cloud-based action tracker could really help your business then we'd be delighted to show you our Project Action Tracker - part of our Pisys 360 integrated HSEQ suite

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