Corporate Action Tracker and Lessons Learned at E.ON


Global energy company E.ON adopted ATMS in their E&P division to manage corporate actions and lessons learned across its offshore projects


E.ON Exploration & Production (E&P) – which was later acquired by Premier Oil – is responsible for worldwide oil and gas exploration and production activities. The unit makes an important contribution in developing new resources to secure long-term energy supply, as well as to the company’s financial results. 

From its launch in 2003, to its takeover by Premier Oil in 2016, E.ON E&P has become an increasingly important player in the international energy industry, with interests in the North Sea, North Africa and Russia.  

Activities include acquiring exploration licenses, acting as operator in the development of assets, and purchasing stakes in strategically important oil and gas fields. 


Projects generated large numbers of actions that that required proactive management and closure with an audit trail/status of progress. 

With team members often in multiple organisations, departments and locations, the company had relied on its core staff implementing and controlling their own action management procedures. 

The company soon recognised the need for a solution that would deliver cost effective, secure and easy-to-use management, tracking and control of actions assigned and organised by project, as well as a way of sharing valuable lessons learned with other project teams across the organisation. 


“E.ON E&P is constantly involved in complex Oil and Gas projects in the North Sea and beyond, with each of these projects generating large numbers of actions that need proactive management”, Adam Yeats former Project Manager with E.ON E&P recounts. 

“When I joined E.ON E&P, one of my first objectives was to identify and implement an Action Tracking Management System to streamline and rationalise the entire action management process, demonstrate closure and ensure compliance. At the same time I wanted to establish a Lessons Learned Database (LLD) that would collect and share lessons learned and best practices pertaining to all E.ON E&P project activities. Also to act as a central clearing house to allow ready access to collected information on a timely, unimpeded basis for all future E.ON projects.” 

He emphasises: 

“It is critical that every action is closed out in a timely manner, with an audit trail/status of progress available at any time”. 

Traditionally, E.ON Projects had relied on its core staff implementing and controlling their own action management procedures – a process that worked relatively well but which resulted in information being stored in several isolated and disparate data repositories. As well as creating access issues, these processes also wasted time, delayed project reporting and monitoring, and occasionally caused duplication of effort. 

In prior positions, Adam Yeats had partnered with Pisys – Scotland-based specialists in the creation and delivery of dedicated solutions and services for simulation, action tracking, oil field and energy generation management. Founded in 1988, Pisys has developed technologies for some of the most hostile environments on the planet and is in a unique position to assist companies that require effective high-tech solutions to complex problems. 

“My previous relationships with Pisys left me in no doubt that they were our partner of choice for both our ATMS and LLD initiatives,” continued Adam Yeats. “I already had detailed experience of Pisys’ ATMS solution and asked them to put forward proposals based around their existing solution to meet our own business-critical requirements.” 

Having analysed E.ON E&P’s requirements and objectives, and working in close partnership with Adam Yeats and his team, Pisys implemented its ATMS technologies, precisely meeting the company’s requirements.

A key requirement was for the final solution to provide a full audit trail so that E.ON UK could demonstrate compliance against internal regulations – a standard facility within Pisys’ ATMS.
Pisys also provided a “Train the Trainers” service,ensuring that the new solution could be rolled ou tacross E.ON E&P and be rapidly adopted across the organisation.
Training was also provided to select members of E.ON E&P’s internal team so that they could undertake small customisations according to the specific requirements of individual managers.
Enhancements continue to be undertaken by Pisys in line with E.ON E&P’s evolving requirements.
With the successful implementation of the ATMS, Pisys and Adam Yeats began development of the innovative Lessons Learned Database (LLD). Under Adam Yeats’ direction, and with specific emphasis on added value and structure, a LLD was set up so that lessons learned from each individual project could be stored, managed,  outed and tracked. “If lessons are being captured from many projects, for example from retrospects and after action reviews, then these lessons needed to be collected within a system that stores them, classifies them, and routes them to the person who needs to act on them,” explains Adam Yeats. “Working closely with E.ON E&P, Pisys developed an online tool that can be used by any employee to document, route for review and approval, and disseminate internal or external Lessons Learned or Best Practices to specified target audiences. The LLD additionally enables employees to search for Lessons Learned or Best Practices for general information, work  lanning, or trend and analysis purposes.”


Some years on, and the company continues to reap the benefits of its Action Tracking Management System and Lessons Learned Database:The ATMS Action Tracking Management System:
ATMS is currently used by some 150 members of staff, helping to structure and plan projects,simplifying team coordination and providing full audit and compliance capabilities.
Projects can now be organised into sub-projects,tasks and actions with a well-defined flow to completion. Tasks can be easily assigned to team members, and each team member can be assigned a role within the system, with access limited specifically to the data they need. Key personnel are given “approver” status, allowing them to sign off tasks when they’re satisfied. A major benefit is that all assigned staff can access the information at any time and from any location – ensuring that projects’ progress and can be monitored irrespective of user location.

The LLD – which provides a summary of the original driving event, as well as recommendations, which in turn, feed into the company’s continual improvement processes via training, best practices, policies and procedures – provides project delivery teams with detailed feedback and useful information for future engagements, and allows projects to be fully documented, including specific issues that may be relevant to technical support staff after hand-over.

Adam  concluded:
“Pisys’ solutions have added significant value to our business and provide managers with a single point of access to each project, its status, progress and closure.”
“With all project management data residing in a single repository, we can easily track each project,saving time, identifying and addressing project stumbling blocks and ensuring that each is completed on schedule with a visible audit and compliance trail. Our relationship with Pisys has been excellent and we continue to work as  partners to refine and expand both our ATMS and LLD.”








Pisys’ solutions have added significant value to our business and provide managers with a single point of access to each project, its status, progress and closure.

Adam Yeats Project Manager E.ON E&P

ATMS is a web-based action tracker

Typically used to manage and report on high-governance actions such as HAZOPS and Audits, the Pisys ATMS is highly configurable and comes with full KPI dashboard, Power BI interface and a built-in audit trail.

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