Audit Management In Energy Services Company


A large energy services company adopted the ATMS system for audit tracking to replace a legacy system which was not meeting the needs of the business


This large technical and engineering company supplies specialist solutions to the energy sector, covering all lifecycle stages of an asset from concept to de-commissioning.
Regular audits onshore and offshore are carried out by the company’s audit team, across all projects in various locations across the world.
Audit action tracking is managed using legacy software.


The company had a legacy audit system which was no longer fit for purpose.
Using the system was time consuming and did not fit the company’s audit process – the lead QHSE Auditor spent ~2 days/week on working around the system, instead of the system assisting him.
There was little or no overview of audit findings and the status of individual audit actions in a central location.
The lack of a central overview of actions meant that it was difficult to take action to resolve bottlenecks caused by overdue actions. There was also a risk that staff would rely on local copies of action data which could result in local untracked changes being made.
Good data governance was poorly supported
It was difficult for actions to be allocated and there was no usable workflow which mean that it was difficult to have multiple sign-offs by reviewers, this was a major requirement for high governance actions which could arise as the result of an audit. It was also impossible to effectively audit any changes made to data since no audit trail existed within the system, so for example action due dates and descriptions could be altered without any record of the changes.
Access permissions were difficult to manage
The system did not have an effective way to control access to data, for example to control which employees or contractors had access to specific audit data.
Communication with offshore teams and teams in different countries was difficult
The old system was not easily accessible from all locations. This meant that local alternatives had to be used – which introduced the risk of a range of spreadsheet-based systems which had even lower governance standards than the legacy system.
A better system had to be found to:
  • Allow management teams from across the world to easily access audit findings and timescales for completing resulting actions.
  • Produce accurate and timely reports for stakeholders
  • Automatically identify overdue actions
  • Automatically notify those involved in the completion and/or review of actions at the appropriate stage in the action lifecycle
  • Control access to data to allow only authorised personnel to view/edit
  • Allow the lead auditor to work with a system that allowed him to enter and report on data quickly and easily from all locations


The company selected the Pisys Action Tracking System to share audit findings and learnings, and to create and track actions from audits all the way to closure.
‘A really key feature of ATMS is the ability to quickly configure data capture forms to match customer requirements’ said Peter Henderson, Pisys director ‘We helped with the initial configuration and were able to produce audit tracking forms which allowed findings and actions to be easily managed. The system also allows unlimited attachments so audit records can have photos, documents added as the audit progresses. The system was up and running within a couple of days’


The company HSE manager gave a summary of the impact of the new system:
‘The results have ben extremely positive. We’re already seeing a time saving of ~ 10 hrs/week for the Lead QHSE Auditor and instead of working around the old legacy system, they can now spend these 10 hours more productively and focus on what is important.
We have total confidence that all audit findings and actions are captured immediately – this avoids a lot of time consuming manually checking of data !
A huge benefit has been faster, more complete resolution of audit findings. Actions are captured quickly, assigned to relevant personnel easily, and communicated automatically. Everyone involved knows what findings they need to address, collaboration is easier, and work can commence immediately. It’s also fantastic to have the assurance that teams are addressing and closing out audit actions within given timescales.
As well as a great set of reporting capabilities we’re also able to get an overview of audit results and status of actions from anywhere. Access is easy, and all information is kept in on place,accessible from anywhere.
Our communication with remote teams has improved , as they all have access to the same information’




Time Saving




'The system was implemented really quickly across our organisation and it has produced significant benefits in time savings and improved governance'

HSE Manager

ATMS is a web-based action tracker

Typically used to manage and report on high-governance actions such as HAZOPS and Audits, the Pisys ATMS is highly configurable and comes with full KPI dashboard, Power BI interface and a built-in audit trail.

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