Risk Management on Pipeline construction project

Case Study: This customer leads the construction of a new natural gas pipeline spanning 1850 km from Azerbaijan to Europe. Multiple international stakeholders are involved. The company chose Pisys 360 as their Risk Management Tool and now benefits from unified risk management across the whole construction project, regardless of location, cross-country legislation, project phase, stakeholder company and different contractors' internal management systems.

Risk Management - too many spreadsheets

Due to the large number of people working on the project and its wide geographical area, it became apparent that risk and associated actions needed to be managed centrally, so that everyone could access all relevant information from anywhere, at any time.

To add more complexity, many of the stakeholders and partner companies had their own company management systems already, some of which included their own way of managing risk.
These internal systems were not accessible to people outside of that organisation, making collaboration difficult, and often introducing additional hurdles to the safe working of all.

A unified system for Risk Management had to be found, which:

  • worked for all stakeholder companies across all project phases, locations and company management systems
  • was accessible from anywhere

The project started to use spreadsheets to manage risks, but soon found out that this was too large a task:

  • Multiple copies of spreadsheets were created, often with discrepancies between them. Management and personnel could not be certain that they were working to the latest information. Decision making, and co-ordinating work were difficult.
  • Spreadsheets were not accessible from all project locations.
  • Workflow was difficult to implement and track using spreadsheets.

Risk Matrix used for Risk Management

Solution - Action Tracker configured for Risk Management

A number of project personnel had already used Pisys Action Tracking System, and they approached Pisys for help.

The system was introduced in all project locations and stakeholder companies, giving everyone a common system to work with.

Pisys configured the ‘risk matrix’ functionality into the action tracker, which allows users to set up custom matrices to suit their needs. Many engineers were already familiar with risk matrices, and. did not have to learn a new approach - this saved on training times and associated costs.

Pisys assisted with migrating actions from existing spreadsheets into the Action Tracking system and provided training so that personnel were quickly able to use the system independently.

  • The Action Tracker is cloud-based, and all information is centrally held and accessible from anywhere.
  • All project stages and actions are saved electronically in a central location and are accessible from anywhere.
  • The Action Tracker allows the creation and tracking of actions to mitigate risks across the whole project, to structure actions, projects and sub-projects, and manage the workflow all the way to closure.
  • The system automatically keeps a record of all changes to an action, making sure that all people involved are kept informed.
  • The Risk Matrix feature allows users to create and customise risk matrices to their own methods, terminology and colour coding.
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