Permit to Work API overview

The Pisys PTW (Application Programme Interface (API) enables seamless connection into other systems such as maintenance, contractor and equipment management in industries such as healthcare, facilities management, construction, process and manufacturing

The Pisys 360 Permit to Work System ('PTW') is a web based system for creating and managing Permits to Work across any type of business or work site, for all types of hazardous work, such as working at height, confined space entry, hot and cold work, excavations.

The system has evolved to be a leading PTW system with customisable flows and includes a full isolation module and contractor management

The system is able to connect with other systems via our Application Programming Interface (API) which allows data to be exchanged with other systems such as maintenance management, contractor management and ERP systems seamlessly.

The API allows third party companies to develop these systems while still retaining the security and integrity that you require. This is achieved by using the user accounts which are setup by the system administrators in your own company. By using this method you can be sure that only updates are made from systems that you allow and that access to assets is controlled by you.

The ability to pull data also allows the Pisys PTW system to be used for reporting or display a list of permits or isolations that are applicable to a company site, area or individual from an external system to the PTW system.

This can allow personnel across your organisation to obtain the additional functionality of permit management within existing systems.

API Capabilities

Integration with Maintenance Systems
Integration with external EHS/ Competence Systems
Integration with Facilities Management
Reporting eg Power BI
Integration with other systems (e.g. ERP, bespoke systems)

Permit to Work system Capabilities

Control of Permits over phone/pc/tablet
Contractor Management
Isolation Management