OTS Case Studies

Cloud MEM simulator supports Arab Academy Training Program

Captain Ashraf Halawa is the Head of the oil and gas training program and vice dean for foreign affairs at the Arab Academy for science. technology and Maritime Transport based in Alexandra. The academy is one of the leading training organisations in the Middle East and have been using the Pisys Major Emergency Management training... Continue reading

Power Station Control Room Simulator delivered to SSE

ORIGINS OF THE TRAINING SIMULATOR REQUIREMENT Thanks to a premium contract from National Grid, the skills of Peterhead’s control room operators were critical to the station’s continued operation. Peterhead is one of the power generating resources commissioned by National Grid under its Strategic Balancing Reserve, designed to assure that at least 5% excess grid capacity... Continue reading

Major Emergency Management Training Simulator at QISC

QISC's Simulator Training To meet the standards of the industries it serves, QISC solely offers training facilities that its customers will recognise as state-of-the-art. Its Major Emergency Management  Training Suite in particular was conceived as world-class, and remains so. The Suite’s raison d’être is to challenge trainees to develop the skills they require in order... Continue reading