Easy near-miss recording and management

Improve Safety and reduce Incidents

worker using grinder in a dangerous way

Record all data relevant to a near-miss

A near miss is a potential hazard or incident where no property is damaged and no personal injury occurred. Pisys Near-Miss manager allows easy capture of all relevant data and tracks mitigation through a powerful and configurable workflow.

Easy access from the worksite

Capture important data on-site. Personnel can use tablets or mobiles to record any potential hazards or incidents that they encounter in their day-do day roles, allowing rapid mitigation to take place. All required data can be captured on a simple form which reflects your specific needs rather than a generic template. If the device has a camera this can be used to take photographs which can be included as attachments to support the evidence gathering process. Once data has been recorded, the near-miss can be managed from any browser.

Built-in Approval process

Ensure that key personnel are alerted when an incident occurs. As mitigation progresses actions can be reviewed and approved, with an unlimited number of review stages. Key external stakeholders can also be informed at critical points in the process without compromising any confidential data which is being managed internally.

Create actions in response to near-misses

Capturing data is only the beginning. As soon as a near-miss is reported, all relevant data is visible in a central web-based application with full control over visibility. Actions can be assigned to relevant personnel, all supporting evidence can be attached, and a full approval and audit process ensures that actions can be closed out with the highest level of governance. The benefit of being able to capture data from the precise scene and close to the time of the event allows a highly reliable description of the near-miss to be recorded. The system supports attachments so photos, documents etc can be included both as part of the initial data gathering and also as part of any mitigation actions.

Control Access

Access to the system can be tightly controlled. The system supports single sign-on for integration with Azure Active Directory, and also allows issuing of logins to external stakeholders - e.g. contractors. Access to data can be tightly managed to ensure that confidentiality is maintained, and permissions can be allocated on an individual basis to maximise flexibility, so that for example workfloor staff can enter data on near misses while HSE management can create and manage any required mitigation.

Audit Changes

All updates to the near-miss record as it progresses through its lifecycle are recorded and are visible from within the system, making it easy for auditors to verify the integrity of the process.

Centralised reporting

A dashboard shows key statistics in an easily understood format. A powerful API allows near-miss data to be accessed by a wide range of external systems. Custom reports can be created for one-off analysis while an excel export allows easy manipulation of data.

Performance, Integrity and Reliability

Our systems are hosted on Amazon Web Services which helps to ensure the highest levels of performance and availability. We are certified under the ISO27001:2013 standard for Information Security Management Systems which holds us accountable for the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of the data which we store on our servers.

Near-Miss Manager also Integrates with Pisys ATMS, Task Risk Manager and Permit to Work