Benefit from 360 degree visibility of all ESG data

Getting individual departments to report on key ESG metrics is relatively straightforward, but building an accurate picture of your organisation’s overall performance is still a significant and enduring challenge.

Inconsistencies in the way teams measure and report on data, rapidly-changing standards and regulations, and the intrinsic difficulty of accurately quantifying the impact of a given initiative complicate efforts to build a unified picture of your company’s progress.

Some off-the-shelf reporting tools do allow you to track basic performance indicators, but they rarely provide the granularity required to satisfy investors and board members. They also fail to appreciate the need to decentralise reporting and create a company-wide portal that can be used to collate data from various sources.

That’s why we’ve built a fully-customisable ESG reporting tool that you can use to track and manage the data you care about – using intuitive dashboards that can be configured to deliver the information you need to see.



We’ll walk you through our ESG Reporting software; letting you evaluate its features and user experience first-hand.


Gain Clarity And Oversight With Our ESG Reporting Tool

Simplifying Data Visualisation

Our ESG reporting tool is built around fully-customisable dashboards, with a selection of pre-set widgets that allow you to extract and visualise the data that matters to your organisation. Dashboards are detailed, with data points opening pop-up boxes that allow you to drill-down and see when and where data was logged, how it was evidenced and when it was last updated. No more struggling to answer awkward questions at your 10am ESG presentation.

Choose Your KPIs

Our ESG reporting tool is designed to use your KPIs as standard, so that you can set goals that matter to your organisation, and track meaningful progress instead of relying on cookie-cutter frameworks that tell an incomplete story. Ask yourself ‘what do I want to see, and how do I want to report on it?’ Whatever the answer, our ESG reporting tool can be modified to provide accurate data that speaks to your requirements.

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A Single Source Of Truth – Capable Of Safeguarding Your ESG Data

Our ESG reporting tool features fully-customisable, permission-based approval and verification tools that are designed to prevent poor quality data from contaminating your reports, and impacting your ability to assess the impact of your ESG initiatives. Our tool also logs all activity, providing a single source of truth – packed with dependable data that your management team can use to develop an accurate picture of your organisation’s progress.

Keeping Your ESG Reporting Up To Date

We know that you need accurate metrics, based on the latest regulations, which is why our ESG reporting tool allows you to import 3rd party files and templates like the UK government’s latest CO2 conversion factors. Our tool’s also designed to take a lot of the hard work out of ESG management; Eliminating common pain points and allowing you to do things like automatically converting your monthly energy usage (KwH or therms) into carbon emissions using the relevant conversion factors.

"The customer service has been exemplary, and any project management we’ve needed has been superb."

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The Smart Way To Track And Manage Your ESG Initiatives

Irrespective of whether it’s your primary responsibility or a small part of your portfolio, there’s no getting around the fact that measuring and reporting on ESG activity can be incredibly cumbersome. Above all, we’ve poured hours of time and effort into creating something that should take some of the pressure off your day to day; enabling team members to log in and compile their own record, visualising data using attractive dashboards that provide full oversight of the relevant information, and generating automated reports on a weekly or monthly schedule. Our tool also talks to any relevant third party apps – including your email client, financial software or ERP system to ensure that you can always make good use of the ESG data you’ve gathered.



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The Pisys system is a powerful but simple solution which our users have found to be extremely effective in a wide range of situations.

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We’ll walk you through our ESG Reporting software; letting you evaluate its features and user experience first-hand.