What our Customers say

Mike Forrest, UK Head of Process and Safety Engineering, Wood Group PSN:

Our users love the Pisys system because it fits the way they work."

Nick Pellington, John Pointon and Sons:

Pisys have helped us transform an already good system for PTW into something better, safer and easier to manage.

Malcolm Clark, Simulator Training Lead, Peterhead Power Station:

The Pisys simulator has paid for itself ten-fold already.”

John Morgan, Major Emergency Management Manager, QISC:

The Pisys simulator has been excellent. It’s a fantastic tool, the customer service has been exemplary, and any project management we’ve needed has been superb."

Trevor Riley, Petrofac Training:

The proof of the pudding is that the Pisys simulators are still being used 16 or 17 years after they were first introduced. They are still being operated to the same level of fidelity, but there is also continued development. One of the strengths of the Pisys system is that it is easy to change it, add to it, and improve it."

Ken Chapman, Transocean:

Pisys are innovative and always ready to accept a challenge!"

Jackie Buchan, Maersk:

Pisys are very, very good - we've had a 10 year relationship with them."

Alison Hardie, AXIS Well Technology:

Pisys are very good – they just get on with it."

Adam Yeats, Project Manager, EON:

Pisys’ solutions have added significant value to our business and provide managers with a single point of access to each project, its status, progress and closure."

Alan Evett, Calash:

We have had a long relationship with Pisys, Calash have worked for them and Pisys have supported Calash on assignments, the team are both creative and confidential in their approach to work."

Ian Hindmarsh, Technip:

[We] have worked with Pisys over a number of years and have always been impressed with the effort to fully understand client requirements and then consistently deliver quality output."

Dr. Alastair Cozens,  SiLCK Clinical Solutions:

Pisys are great partners to have on board while you develop an idea."

Kirsten Lord, Physiomedics:

The team at Pisys have been really flexible, very capable and incredibly easy to work with. They've spoken our language.

They have helped us transform a legacy prototype into a robust commercial proposition."