ATMS used for Management of Change

Engineering Change Requests with ATMS

High complexity results in large number of Engineering Change Requests

Petrochemical Plant - image used for Pisys Case Study on  engineering change management by Oilfiled Operator

This joint-venture oilfield operator streamlined their engineering change requests management, defined project deliverables and fostered collaboration between English and Russian speakers - all by using Pisys 360 Action Tracker (ATMS)

The company’s project engineers are regularly asked to carry out significant and often safety-critical engineering changes to the company’s facilities. These include an oil& gas separation plant. The complexity of the plant involved generates many Engineering Change requests

Initially, project teams attempted to manage all change requests using spreadsheets, but found that the complexity of the tasks required a more structured approach.

Pisys ATMS allowed the company to build a robust system to support their processes.

The system that helps move engineering change requests through all stages of the planning process. 'Job packs' contain detailed instructions of how the engineering work must be carried out.

The system supports dual-language entry with Cyrillic and English characters. This helps engineers from Russian and English speaking backgrounds work together effectively.

The Action Tracker allowed the company to create a system to:
• move change requests through a workflow, and ensure approvals at various stages
• produce job packs with detailed instructions on how to perform the job
• structure and plan entire projects
• create actions and track them to closeout to give complete auditability.


• A structured Change Management Process, including multi-stage approvals at defined points in the project.
• Defined project deliverables: engineers create detailed job packs containing instructions and other information necessary to perform the change. These packs are created as part of the change management process and are sent out to relevant people.
• Better collaboration across teams, joint venture companies and across the English/Russian language barrier.
• Improved safety: H & S professionals give their input at key stages of the project, and this becomes an integral part of change management and project planning.
• Efficiency: change requests move through the workflow at the optimum level, as key people are notified when an action is required of them.
• Better governance of change requests
• Improved tracking, integrity, auditability and peace of mind. The most up-to-date and relevant information is available to all key personnel in one location, accessible from anywhere.