ATMS for project Query Management

ATMS provides comprehensive functionality to allow the management of queries between project stakeholders

The following case study describes how a tier-1 contractor uses the system

Query Management in a busy Project Interface team

This Pisys customer is a world-leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor, providing project services to clients worldwide. Projects are typically organised around a prime contractor and various subcontractor companies working together to deliver a solution to a client so Query Management is critical to project success.

Query Management Challenges facing the Project Interface team

The company’s dedicated project interface team used a variety of tools, mainly based around spreadsheets and email, to manage communications with all stakeholders.

Project-related, often quite detailed, discussions took place verbally between some of the project personnel or contractor companies. These conversations were not always recorded. As a result:

  • some project team members were working to – and basing decisions on – outdated information.
  • valuable information was lost when personnel left the project.

The flow of information had to be recorded and tracked better, and information shared amongst stakeholders more effectively.

Spreadsheet/email were not able to do the job. Information silos and  multiple copies of information caused confusion and added unnecessary overhead to the many conversations which were vital to project success.


The company’s spreadsheet/email-based system was replaced by Pisys ATMS Action Tracking System to:

  • set out projects in multi-level project/subproject structure
  • capture conversations and share automatically via email
  • control and track the flow of information through the system
  • indicate completion of a task or project stage
  • create and share custom reports

The ATMS Action Tracker was configured to represent the form types required for interface queries, and the built-in workflow manager was used to ensure that the correct stakeholders were notified at all required stages in the query lifecycle.




  • More effective, centrally managed communications
  • Key people are informed and involved in conversations
  • Valuable information is preserved
  • Easy access to project information anywhere
  • Time savings for project interface team