Permit to Work

A cloud based system for creating and managing Permits to Work across any type of business or work site.

Action Tracking

Create and assign actions, manage approvals with complete visibility on action history.

Operations Training Simulator

Control Room Operator, Emergency Response, Stability, OIM Training, MEM Training.

Task Risk Manager
A cloud-based tool that will assist you in task based risk management.
ESG Reporting

Record and Manage Environment, Social and Governance Data quickly and accurately.

Incident Management

Effective Incident recording and reporting with simple configuration.



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What do customers think about us?

John Morgan QISC

The Pisys simulator has been excellent. It’s a fantastic tool, the customer service has been exemplary, and any project management we’ve needed has been superb.

Ian Hindmarsh Technip FMC

[We] have worked with Pisys over a number of years and have always been impressed with the effort to fully understand client requirements and then consistently deliver quality output.

Kirsten Lord Physiomedics
Pisys have been really flexible, very capable and incredibly easy to work with. They have helped us transform a legacy prototype into a robust commercial proposition.
Mike Forrest Wood Group

Our users love the Pisys Action Tracker because it is so easy to use for high-governance actions like HAZOPS etc.


Our mission is to help companies of all sizes improve safety and efficiency with our range of HSEQ software.

Pisys emerged from the Offshore Survey industry in the 1980’s during one of the many cyclical downturns which have affected the industry.

The founders worked on survey boats in some of the most hostile environments on the planet, developing and commissioning mission-critical systems to support the emerging upstream energy sector.

This experience means we are in a unique position to assist companies who require effective high-tech solutions to complex problems in any industry. We’re proudly Scottish with a worldwide customer base.

PISYS 360...

Integrated HSEQ

Enterprise HSEQ systems can be cumbersome and expensive. We have always believed that creating a family of specialised products which focus on particular HSE needs is more effective than forcing multiple functions into a single system - creating unnecessary obstacles to getting the job done. Use as many of the modules as you require and take advantage of the unique integration between the core elements to provide a flexible and scalable solution to your HSEQ Governance issues.


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How CHAZOP & HAZOP Complement Each Other

In the world of process safety and hazard analysis, Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) are well-known and widely used. However, another valuable tool in the safety arsenal is the Control Hazard and Operability Study (CHAZOP). While both methodologies aim to enhance safety and operability, they focus on different aspects of the process and control systems....

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