Hazer Group adopt PTW in Australian clean hydrogen plant


The Pisys Permit To Work system supports efficient permit management with a simple interface and provides a centralized overview for job tracking and resource planning with detailed task and risk analysis, ensuring that Hazer Group can maintain high safety standards in a highly dynamic environment


Hazer Group is innovating in the clean energy sector with the HAZER® Process, a proprietary technology that produces “clean” hydrogen and synthetic graphite from natural gas and iron ore. This method offers a low-cost, low-emission alternative to traditional hydrogen production and graphite manufacturing processes.

The environmental impact of the HAZER® Process is minimal compared to conventional methods. It bypasses the extensive excavation required for natural graphite extraction and eliminates the use of harsh chemicals typical in traditional synthetic graphite production. This approach significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with graphite production.

Hazer Group has completed the construction of a Commercial Demonstration Plant (CDP) in Perth, Western Australia. The CDP is a critical step towards commercializing the HAZER® Process, demonstrating its scalability and efficiency in producing clean hydrogen and synthetic graphite with reduced environmental impact.



At Hazer Group, coordinating simultaneous site activities and rapidly advancing operational capabilities presented significant challenges. According to Plant Operations Manager Anthony Hills, the priority was implementing a permit management system that could streamline equipment installations, upgrades, maintenance, and replacements efficiently. Anthony described his key requirements:

  • I needed something smooth and streamlined for my very small operator work crew, as I don’t have a dedicated permit office and personnel just for managing permits etc
  • I needed good transparency on costs, as we are a pre-revenue company
  • I needed something that can template risk assessments/Permits/Isolations for repeat jobs to make the process far more efficient for our very small crew
  • Web based software and single sign-on was a must, so we didn’t have to have any software installed and manage IT issues etc.
  • The simple user interface was a must for rapid operator training and low barrier to entry
  • It still needed to be robust  for both electrical and mechanical isolations as we are a very hazardous facility
  • The ability to link risk assessments to permits directly, and do the risk assessments within the system was a must as well

These challenges highlighted the need for a sophisticated, integrated system capable of enhancing operational efficiency and safety through improved permit and risk management processes.


Our implementation strategy included the Pisys Permit to Work (PTW) system, complemented by the adoption of the Task Risk Manager module for an integrated approach to task and risk management. The combined solution encompasses:

Hazardous Work Permit Management: Enables streamlined management of permits for work at height, confined space entry, hot work, and excavations.

Worksite and Contractor Oversight: Facilitates addition and management of worksites and contractor companies.

Documentation and Approval: Ensures all relevant documentation is verified and permits are approved systematically.

Virtual Permit Board: A digital board displays all active permits, accessible remotely, enhancing visibility and control.

Task Analysis Integration: Incorporates task analysis into risk management, defining activities, job steps, and associated hazards.

Risk Assessment: Evaluates the severity and likelihood of risks before and after mitigation measures are applied.

Control Application: Identifies and applies controls to mitigate identified risks effectively.

Accessible RAMS: Generates Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) that integrate seamlessly with the PTW system

This solution addresses Hazer Group’s need  for a system that supports efficient permit management with a simplified interface and provides a centralized overview for job tracking and resource planning with detailed task and risk analysis, ensuring that Hazer Group can maintain high safety standards in a highly dynamic environment


‘The outcomes have been extremely positive’ said Anthony, who described the following key benefits:

Rapid Adoption: ‘The team picked up the system really quickly with minimal training and transition time’

Centralized Permit and Risk Management: ‘The ability to centrally manage permits and risk assessments is invaluable, particularly as we’re continually enhancing the facility’s operations. Having real-time visibility into the location and status of tasks across the site is a game changer for us’ given the complexity of our site’

Dynamic Association of Risk Assessments and Permits: ‘One of the most useful features is the system’s capability to dynamically link risk assessments with permits. This ensures that any changes occurring during a task are promptly reflected in both the permits and associated risk assessments (RAs). This is crucial for maintaining operational safety and compliance, especially in an industry where conditions and requirements can change rapidly.’

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: ‘The integration of our permits and risk assessments into a single, accessible system streamlines processes, reducing administrative overhead and improving the efficiency of safety management practices.’

Improved Safety and Compliance: ‘The system’s comprehensive approach to managing and updating permits and RAs in real-time enhances overall site safety and is a major component of our compliance with relevant regulations and standards.’


Of Activities


Electrical and Mechanical


Seamless Integration


‘The system was very easy to adopt, it fits our needs very well and support has been excellent at every stage.’


Anthony Hills Plant Operations Manager

Pisys Permit to work system is fully customisable and supports compliance with HSE/ISO/OHSAS Standards

It can be adapted to support your existing Control of Work or HSE Management System and is compatible with HSE Guidance on Electronic Permit to Work Systems, as per HSG250 and because existing control of work systems can be transferred onto PTW, set-up & training times are kept to a minimum. Our Permit to Work system integrates with the Action Tracker and Task Risk Manager modules of the Pisys 360 Suite.

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