ATMS Release v6.6.1.10

What’s new in ATMS v6.6.1.10

The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in Pisys ATMS release

Change the Order of users on admin/organisation screens.

We have updated the ordering of users in our administration screens and throughout the system. Users are now sorted by First Name and then by Surname.

Add Teams information in the User Export Spreadsheet.

We have updated our user export file to include the company name, department name (if assigned), and team name (if assigned) for each user.

Add a link to the parent action from the sub-action.

We have included a link to the parent action from the sub-action. Additionally, a new icon has been created for the Action list screen, which displays the parent action of any sub-action. This icon functions similarly to the sub-action icon. When clicked, it will open the parent action edit screen.

Matrix Filter Improvements.

We have made significant improvements to the appearance and responsiveness of our matrix filters for the action list screen. Previously, when a matrix did not have a y-axis or x-axis label defined, the filter did not resize correctly, resulting in a lot of wasted space. However, with the new and improved matrix filters, even if the axes are not being defined, the screen will resize correctly, eliminating any wastage of space.

The “Action Involving Me” filter now includes actions in which a user is selected in any custom user dropdown.

Our “Actions Involving Me” filter displays only the actions in which the logged-in user is or has been involved, including those actions that they have already approved. We have improved its functionality to also include actions that mention the logged-in user as part of a user-created dropdown.

Improvements to Sidebar for Opening Links in a New or Current Window.

Our sidebar function enables you to customise a button on the sidebar. This feature is quite handy and allows the user to swiftly access internal organisation links such as websites or shared folders. We have further improved this feature by providing the user with the ability to choose whether they want to open a link in a new window or the current one.

The following is a list of bug fixes that were implemented in Pisys ATMS release

  • ATMS-530 – Actions Upload/Download Error.
  • ATMS-533 – Project Actions Report Error.
  • ATMS-535 – Single Action Print crash for action with matrix without x and y axis labels.
  • ATMS-539 – ATMS Control Panel Create/Delete Instance is not working.
  • ATMS-554 – Dashboard Console Errors when clicking on the tables.
  • ATMS-555 – Issue with “Action Completed” Checkbox Text.
  • ATMS-558 – Have Parent Action Link for Sub-Actions.
  • ATMS-565 – Linked Actions and Sub Actions do not appear in the actions summary pop-up.
  • ATMS-584 – Allow admins to edit fields even if they are involved.
  • ATMS-568 – Failed to delete control group if the mail distribution are configured in that control group.
  • ATMS-570 – Action InvolvingMe Locked users can view actions in which they are not involved.
  • ATMS-572 – Add Company and other Add options allow symbols and characters to be saved.
  • ATMS-573 – Single Line Text Box Numeric Only can accept non numeric values.
  • ATMS-574 – Tree view control issue with how the nodes are displayed.
  • ATMS-575 – Y Axis on a matrix adds an underscore to the title when a space is used to separate the words.
  • ATMS-576 – Date Strategy Reviewer X Approved is not displayed in Action Edit screen.
  • ATMS-577 – Linked Action and Sub Action Icon Confusion.
  • ATMS-579 – Server Error for a User that has the Lock ‘Actions Involving Me’ checkbox enabled.
  • ATMS-580 – Normal and Strategy Reviewers and their fields (company, date, department) show when they should not.
  • ATMS-581 – Server Error when creating a new Action and console error when you try to open it again.
  • ATMS-582 – Server Error when Reviewer Comments contain special characters.
  • ATMS-585 – Audit comments and special characters.
  • ATMS-587 – Server error when <> are used in a text box.

The following is a list of security updates that were implemented in Pisys ATMS release

  • ATMS-536 – ATMS AWS SDK NuGet Package Update.
  • ATMS-537 – ATMS Azure AD Auth NuGet Package Updates.
  • ATMS-538 – Move AzureAD config sensitive info out of web.config.
  • ATMS-540 – ATMS MFA OTP generation NuGet package update.
  • ATMS-541 – Various ATMS NuGet package updates.
  • ATMS-542 – Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in Search Field.
  • ATMS-543 – Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in User First Name and Surname.
  • ATMS-544 – Cross-site Scripting (XSS) in Dashboard DisplayText.
  • ATMS-545 – Client-side User Input Filtering.
  • ATMS-546 – Weak CAPTCHA Implementation.
  • ATMS-547 – Insecure Password Marked as Strong.
  • ATMS-548 – HTTP Security Headers: Strict Transport Security not Implemented.
  • ATMS-550 – HTTP Security Headers: Referrer Policy not Implemented.
  • ATMS-551 – HTTP Security Headers: Permissions-Policy not Implemented.
  • ATMS-552 – Information Disclosure: Server Version in HTTP Header.
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