What’s new in PTW

The following is a full list of features that were implemented in Pisys release.

 1.1.1.Permit Board changes to display Isolations.

We have updated the Permit Board with the following functionality:

  • Checkbox toggles added for (depending on whether Isolations or Routine Duties are enabled for the instance):
    • Show Permits
    • Show Isolations
    • Show Routine Duties
  • NOTE: “Show Permits” and “Show Routine Duties” are enabled when first opening the screen i.e. to keep the functionality consistent with how it currently works where Permits and RDs always show.
  • When selecting “Show Isolations”, this is currently configured to display Isolations with a Status of “Isolation In Place” but can be updated on a per-Customer basis to include Isolations at whichever Statuses are appropriate via database-level config.
    • The fields shown for Isolations are Company and Recipient only displayed if the Isolation Version has the following options enabled:
      • Isolation Request By
      • Isolation Performed By

 1.1.2.Allow Right-to-Left Display of all PTW screens.

We have added the functionality to allow displaying of the PTW system using a Right-to-Left text orientation. We have updated with a new Control Panel setting for “Application -> Display Right-To-Left”.

If you would like to enable this in your system, please contact Pisys Support (support@pisys.co.uk)

 1.1.3.Open Attachments like Method Statements and Risk Assessments from within PTW.

We have updated PTW to allow opening of attachments like Method Statements and Risk Assessments (or any other attachment file) from within PTW and not as a download to be opened separately.

Updated with the following functionality:

  • Added a new configuration option under Admin Settings -> General for “Open PDF/Image Attachments Directly in Browser”.
  • When not enabled, attachments open as they have always done in that the User needs to download the file and then open with their native application.
  • When enabled, files of the following type will open in another browser tab:
    • Bmp
    • gif
    • ico
    • jfif
    • jpeg
    • jpg
    • mp4
    • pdf
    • png
    • txt
  • Specific sections/screens updated are:
    • Permit
      • Method Statement
      • Risk Assessment
      • General Attachments
      • Custom Attachments
    • Isolation
      • General Attachments
  • Routine Duty
    • Reference Documents
  • Contractor Management
    • Attachments

The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in PTW The list includes bug fixes and new functionality.

  • PTW-1482 – Home & Permit List Screen Performance
  • PTW-1295 – Admin User List Export.
  • PTW-1497 – Signature box remains highlighted for “Gas Test Result Entry” on Permit Issue.
  • PTW-1490 – Multiline Text appears on one line in permit.
  • PTW-1494 – Reject Signatures are being captured but not displayed anywhere.
  • PTW-1483 – Signature controls do not lose their red required border when populated.
  • PTW-1480 – AzureAD gets disabled when moving between PTW and TRMS.

The following list of bugs were identified and were also fixed in this release:

  • PTW-1501 – Signature boxes remain highlighted for Isolations.
  • PTW-1500 – New “info” icon for Reject is navigating to the wrong page when a user Unapproves a permit.
  • PTW-1498 – Server Error when the CM section is out of date.
  • PTW-1492 – Signed signature in Preissue disappears if there are errors on page.
  • PTW-1486 – Red Border Remains on Current Time/Date for Permit ReIssue.
  • PTW-1468 – Include on Isolation Tag checkbox for Isolation Equipment Column is not working as expected.
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