IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo integration with Pisys Permit to Work System

The Pisys Permit to Work system offers effortless integration with Enterprise systems, streamlining processes.

In response to the requirements of a significant renewable energy client, the Maximo API was leveraged to allow the retrieval and analysis of their work order records. This functionality empowered the client to filter and choose specific work orders, which were then utilized to generate a new permit. The permit was pre-populated with relevant information sourced from the Maximo record.

Following the creation of the Permit, a URL is generated and linked to the appropriate Work Order, enabling seamless access to the Permit directly from Maximo.

The HSE manager of the company emphasized the transformative nature of being able to raise permits directly from Maximo work orders.

This functionality has proven to be a time-saving measure and has provided our team with the confidence that they are utilizing the latest data available.

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