PTW Release – Patch Release

What’s new in PTW

The following is a full list of features that were implemented in Pisys (patch release).

Add Issued By (issuer) name to the Lookahead Report

We have added the issuer name (or issued by) to our lookahead report. The lookahead report can be configured for a whole site (which will include all areas under that site) or for a specific area only.

It can be configured to be send to multiple email addresses from the Sites & Areas Admin screen.

The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in PTW (patch release).

  1. PTW-1396 – Add Issued By (issuer) name to the Lookahead Report.
  2. PTW-1399 – Replace existing Excel Upload OLEDB method.

The following list of bugs were identified and were also fixed in this release:

  1. PTW-1398 – Add Audit trail when an attachment is removed.
  2. PTW-1395 – Daily Lookahead report issues
  3. PTW-1400 – Lookahead Report for Site is not being send.
  4. PTW-1317 – Export of terminology for Permit Questions is not populating the version selection dropdown.
  5. PTW-1327 – Console Error for Permit List Screen.
  6. PTW-1386 – Task Risk Manager Risk Assessment PDF file name change is not coming through to PTW.
  7. PTW-1407 – Welcome Email not delivered to New Users.
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