Mersen Adopt Near Miss Manager


Mersen, a leading global producer of Carbon Insulation selected the Pisys Incident Manager system to record near-misses at its Scottish facility at Holytown


Mersen is a leading producer of carbon insulation with its parent group and serves as an R&D Centre of Excellence. The company operates worldwide, with its Scottish production facility in Holytown specializing in producing a range of thermal insulation materials. This facility combines advanced technology and skilled labor to ensure the production of high-quality insulation materials used in various industrial applications.


Garry Wyres, HSE Manager, described the daily safety challenges at the Holytown site: “The site is a busy one with a lot of people and materials moving around. Our production facility combines several potentially hazardous processes to create carbon insulation, and we rely heavily on the skill and experience of our staff to keep everyone safe. A key element of our safety management is the identification of what we call near misses – conditions that have the potential to cause or contribute to an incident if left unattended. This could be as simple as an obscured hazard warning sign, but we could also face equipment failure leading to a potential chemical escape or a major electrical hazard causing a fire or explosion.”

The existing near miss reporting system, although effective, relied on a paper-based process. Staff had to manually complete a form which then had to be delivered to the HSE team for attention, potentially creating delays in preventive action. Additionally, contractors performing critical work were less likely to report near misses in a timely manner due to unfamiliarity with the forms used, creating a barrier to reporting hazardous situations. This inefficiency posed a significant risk as delays in addressing near misses could lead to serious incidents.


Recognizing the need for a more efficient system, Mersen’s senior management identified an opportunity to improve the near miss reporting process. Having previously selected the Pisys permit to work system for all control of work tasks, Mersen contacted Pisys in Aberdeen for assistance. Pisys was able to quickly supply their near-miss management tool, part of their ‘Pisys 360’ HSE suite. This tool operates similarly to the permit system, making it easy for staff to adopt immediately. The tool runs on tablets, allowing staff or contractors to log any near miss they encounter across the business, including locations ranging from production facilities to offices and car parks.

The implementation of the Pisys incident management tool was seamless. As soon as an entry is made, Garry Wyres or an HSE colleague is alerted, enabling them to take appropriate action swiftly. Since the system’s adoption, reporting of near misses has significantly improved. Staff engagement in the process has increased as they can be easily notified of any mitigation actions taken. The system’s user-friendly interface and strong support from Pisys facilitated a smooth transition and quick adoption by the staff.

The tool’s flexibility allowed it to be used in various environments within the facility, ensuring comprehensive coverage and immediate response capabilities. Training sessions were conducted to familiarize the staff and contractors with the new system, emphasizing the importance of prompt reporting and proactive safety management. This training was well-received, and the intuitive nature of the tool meant that staff quickly became proficient in its use.


Since Mersen started using the Pisys incident management tool last year, there has been a noticeable improvement in the reporting of near misses. The staff is more engaged in the safety process, thanks to the system’s ease of use and the prompt notifications about mitigation actions. The adoption of the Pisys tool has led to enhanced safety management at Mersen’s Holytown site, ensuring quicker response times and more effective preventive measures.

Garry Wyres summarized the benefits: “The system is easy to use, and it’s been easy to get staff on board with great support from Pisys. We have seen a huge improvement in the reporting of near misses, and our staff are more engaged in the process since they can be easily notified as any mitigation takes place. The ability to use the system anywhere across our various locations has made a significant difference in our safety management practices.”

The system’s capability to generate detailed reports and analytics has also been a game-changer. It allows the HSE team to track trends, identify recurring issues, and develop targeted interventions. This data-driven approach has significantly enhanced the overall safety strategy of the facility. By addressing the root causes of near misses, Mersen can prevent potential incidents before they occur, creating a safer working environment for everyone.


SImple setup




Tablet based


The system has made our workplace safer, staff are able to report near misses quickly and easily and we've had great support from Pisys

Garry Wyres HSE Manager

The incident manager is cloud based and can be accessed from tablets or other connected devices

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