Confined Space Entry Certificates

What is a Confined Space Entry Certificate?

What is a typical set of questions & checks for a Permit?

A typical Confined Space Entry Certificate Permit will include but not be limited to the following:

  • CS Space reference No
  • Description of the space
  • NC Classification (for example, NC1, NC2, NC3, NC4)
  1. Is it possible to complete the task without the need to enter the Confined space?
  2. Please confirm the escape and rescue set is present.
  3. Is the Davit required & checked?
  4. Are the required Isolations in place?
  5. Are all staff qualified to complete the task?
  6. Is a casualty extraction team required?
  7. Is the extraction team placed on standby?
  8. Is an emergency plan in place?
  9. Have you checked the lighting?
  10. Have you checked the ventilation?
  11. Has he possibility of fume release from residue been considered?
  12. Has the work activity been considered?
  13. Have adjacent operations been considered?
  14. Has the scope of the work been considered?
  15. Has the introduction of inert gas been considered?
  16. Has the possibility of dust or fibres been considered?
  17. Has the temperature been considered?
  18. Have potential flooding hazards been considered?
  19. Has the inrush of free-flowing solids been considered?
  20. Have the weather conditions during the duration of planned works been considered?

Pisys Permit to Work helps you setup your Confined Space Entry Certificate Permit questions & checks and keep track of your required contractor competencies using the Contractor Management Module.

Confined Space Entry Certificate Permit with required contractor competencies.

Pisys Permit to Work Confined Space Entry Certificate Permit also comes with a mandatory Atmosphere Test and configurable Gas Tests.

Atmosphere Panel in our Confined Space Entry Certificate Permit.
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