Civil Engineering Giant uses Pisys Permit to Work in NHS complex

We asked this civil engineering giant about their experience in using Pisys PTW software to manage an NHS Hospital healthcare complex.

The Challenge

Why did you need an electronic Permit to Work system?
We have a dynamic and constantly evolving business model and we needed a flexible electronic PTW System which coped with ever increasing compliance and client demands along with a need to stream line the process in a more time efficient manner to free up operatives.

What were the main requirements and features you were looking for
We were looking for a system that adhered to ISO27001 to comply with company and client protocols, was remotely accessible and had the ability to customise to site requirements.
We required the system to have numerous users with varying degrees of access and control over the issuing of permits. Working in the Health Care industry we also required a user friendly, intuitive system that is easily auditable by internal and external auditors.

How did you engage with Pisys?
My first point of contact was with the product team  who made the whole demonstration and purchasing process simple and efficient. They walked us through the process and have always been on hand since completion to assist with queries and upgrades.

Can you describe how you have implemented, and used Pisys Permit To Work
Our implementation of  the Pisys PTW system has involved engaging with sub-contractors to send in details and RAMS of works in advance so permits can be created by supervisors and issued by appropriate engineers on day of works. This enables us to send completed electronic copies of the PTW to the operative carrying out the works, the client and any other relevant parties ensuring all have knowledge of on going live works.
As part of the implementation Pisys digitised 2000 rooms and work areas which gives us excellent visualisation of jobs in progress
The types of permits we are currently utilising are general permit to work, hot works and working at height. Another advantage of Pisys is when a hot works permit is carried out we can send an electronic copy to the clients fire officer
COVID risk- thanks to Pisys we have been able to have a decreased presence on site without having a decrease in work output simply because Permits can be raised and created by appropriate people off site and checked and issued by people on site. Along with there being no physical contact with the platform being electronic our Covid risk has greatly reduced keeping ourselves and our clients safer.

How has the solution benefited you, your company, clients etc
The benefit to our company is we are now more time efficient, greater level of compliance and auditability and a lowered carbon footprint. As a user and permit issuer the PTW software has allowed me to achieve a greater level of time management efficiency along with the ability to monitor permits whilst anywhere on site using a tablet. Our client has benefited with a more robust, traceable and concise form of permitting.

How would you summarise the solution and working with Pisys?
Efficiency and compliance increased with risk and carbon footprint drastically decreased

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