The Main Query Screen

When you first login to QMS the Main Query Screen is displayed. It looks something like this:

Completely configurable

QMS is completely configurable – we know that different businesses need to track different things relating to queries, so the screen you see may be different to this one.
You may not even call the items you’re tracking ‘Queries’, but the core functionality doesn’t change, whatever screen layout you have.

Here’s the Main Query Screen again but with its different regions highlighted:

Current user displays the name of the currently logged in user – hopefully this is your name.

The Query list is the heart of the Main Query Screen. Although there’s only a single query in the example above, it will fill up with rows and eventually pages of Queries.

This is when Filters become really useful.

Hover your mouse over the Toolbar and Sidebar buttons without clicking to see a tooltip.

For now, this is the most important button:

Clicking this button in the Sidebar will always return you to the Main Query Screen.

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