QMS – Glossary

We've compiled a list of some of the technical terms used in relation to our Query Management System - please get in touch if you have any questions relating to this or any of our other products.

  1. Browser – computer program for viewing web pages, and using QMS. Common examples are Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Close-out – the end of the query lifecycle, after the ‘Query Response Completed’ checkbox has been checked. The query remains in the system for reference.
  3. Creator – the one who creates a query. They select the user they want to provide a query response.
  4. From – the query creator, the QMS user asking the question.
  5. Main Query Screen – the page displayed when you login to QMS. Contains the Query list.
  6. QMS – the Query Management System developed by Pisys.
  7. Query – the individual items tracked by QMS. You may have a different name for them.
  8. Query Description – the question being asked.
  9. Query list – the list of queries on the QMS Main Query Screen.
  10. Query Response – if the Query Description is the question, then this is the answer.
  11. To – the QMS user who must respond to the query; the one answering the question.

Query manager was designed to give Project Interface teams complete visibility of all project interface queries. It is especially useful in managing large project with multiple stakeholders. It ensures that all questions and responses are visible to appropriate personnel at all times and that a full record of all changes made is recorded and accessible within each query.

Centralised access to project queries also means that access can be effectively managed, with only authorised personnel able to create or edit queries. A full reporting suite also allows interface teams to check the status of individual queries and the project as a whole.

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