Streamlining Engineering Change Requests with ATMS


This joint-venture oilfield operator has significantly enhanced their management of engineering change requests, clearly defined project deliverables, and improved collaboration between English and Russian speakers by implementing the Pisys 360 Action Tracker (ATMS).


The company’s project engineers regularly face the task of carrying out substantial and often safety-critical engineering changes to the company‚Äôs facilities. These facilities include complex installations like an oil and gas separation plant, which generate a high volume of Engineering Change Requests (ECRs). Initially, the project teams attempted to manage these requests using spreadsheets. However, the complexity and critical nature of these tasks necessitated a more structured and efficient approach.


Spreadsheets, while useful for basic data tracking, lacked the robust functionality required for managing complex workflows and ensuring accountability. They were prone to errors, difficult to maintain consistently across multiple teams, and offered no real-time collaboration capabilities. Recognizing these limitations, the company sought a solution that could streamline the entire process from request initiation to final implementation.


Implementing Pisys ATMS

Pisys ATMS provided the solution by enabling the company to build a robust system that supports their processes comprehensively. The system helps to move engineering change requests through all stages of the planning process efficiently. ‘Job packs’ are created within the system, containing detailed instructions on how the engineering work must be carried out, ensuring clarity and consistency in execution.

Dual-Language Support for Seamless Collaboration

One of the standout features of the Pisys ATMS is its support for dual-language entry, accommodating both Cyrillic and English characters. This functionality is particularly beneficial for the joint-venture, as it enables engineers from both Russian and English-speaking backgrounds to collaborate effectively, overcoming language barriers that previously hindered smooth communication and teamwork.
In multinational teams, language barriers can significantly impede the flow of information, leading to misunderstandings and errors. By enabling dual-language support, Pisys ATMS ensures that all team members can access and contribute to the documentation in their preferred language, fostering a more inclusive and efficient working environment.

Key Features and Benefits of the Action Tracker

The Action Tracker has allowed the company to develop a systematic approach to managing engineering change requests, including:
  • Workflow Management and Approvals: Change requests are moved through a structured workflow, ensuring that necessary approvals are obtained at various stages. This structured process ensures that no step is overlooked and that each request is thoroughly vetted before implementation.
  • Job Pack Production: Detailed job packs with comprehensive instructions on how to perform specific tasks are produced. These job packs are essential for ensuring that all personnel involved in the engineering changes have clear, precise, and consistent guidelines to follow.
  • Project Structuring and Planning: The system enables the comprehensive structuring and planning of entire projects. This helps in aligning all tasks and timelines, ensuring that project goals are met efficiently.
  • Action Creation and Tracking: Actions are created and tracked to closeout, providing complete auditability. This ensures that every step of the process is documented and can be reviewed if necessary, promoting accountability and transparency.


Structured Change Management Process

The company now has a defined change management process that includes multi-stage approvals at predetermined points, ensuring that changes are systematically reviewed and approved. This structured approach minimizes the risk of oversight and enhances the reliability of the change implementation process.

Defined Project Deliverables

Engineers are now able to create detailed job packs as part of the change management process. These packs, which include step-by-step instructions and necessary documentation, are disseminated to relevant personnel, ensuring that everyone involved has the information needed to perform their tasks correctly. This comprehensive documentation process reduces errors and ensures consistency in task execution.

Enhanced Collaboration

The dual-language support has facilitated better collaboration across teams, joint-venture companies, and language barriers, particularly between English and Russian-speaking team members. This improved communication has led to more cohesive teamwork and a more streamlined project execution process.

Improved Safety

Health and Safety (H&S) professionals provide input at key stages of the project. This input is integrated into the change management and project planning processes, enhancing overall safety. By involving H&S professionals early and throughout the project, the company ensures that all safety considerations are addressed, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Increased Efficiency

The system ensures that change requests move through the workflow optimally, with key individuals being notified when their action is required. This reduces delays and ensures timely completion of tasks. The automated notifications and reminders ensure that no critical steps are missed, keeping the project on schedule.

Better Governance and Tracking

The improved governance of change requests, along with enhanced tracking and auditability, provides peace of mind. The most up-to-date and relevant information is available to all key personnel in one location, accessible from anywhere. This centralized information repository enhances transparency and allows for quick decision-making based on the latest data.


The adoption of Pisys 360 Action Tracker (ATMS) has transformed the way this joint-venture oilfield operator manages engineering change requests and project deliverables. By streamlining processes, fostering collaboration, and ensuring safety and efficiency, the company has set a new standard in project management and operational excellence. This implementation not only enhances current operations but also positions the company for continued success in managing complex engineering projects in the future.
With Pisys ATMS, the company can confidently tackle the challenges of modern engineering projects, ensuring that they meet safety standards, project timelines, and budget constraints while fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. This comprehensive approach to change management and project tracking exemplifies the potential for technology to drive efficiency and innovation in the oil and gas industry.


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We particularly appreciate the ability to represent data in both English and Cyrlllic - this makes inter-language communication much more straightforward

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ATMS is a web-based action tracker

Typically used to manage and report on high-governance actions such as HAZOPS and Audits, the Pisys ATMS is highly configurable and comes with full KPI dashboard, Power BI interface and a built-in audit trail.

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