Legitimate Interests for processing of data


Why do we want to process the data

Pisys need to use personal data for the purposes detailed in our privacy policy – we believe that we have a legitimate right to use data on customers, staff and other stakeholders to undertake the normal running of our business and to meet our legal obligations.

We also want to make our business contacts aware of the capabilities of our IT products and services.

In the case of products and services which we deliver to our business clients, we also want to be able to continue to deliver these services and support individuals who have questions about the use of these products or services.

We also have a legitimate interest in disclosing information about possible criminal acts or security threats to the authorities.

Who benefits from the processing/In what way

In the case of marketing data Pisys benefits from the processing because our marketing will potentially generate interest in our products/services.

The businesses we contact may benefit because we believe that adopting our products will improve their operational safety and effectiveness.

Existing customers benefit because they are able to access our products/services and receive appropriate support.

Are there any wider public benefits to the processing?

We believe that our products help businesses improve safety through better record keeping/training. These improvements would certainly extend beyond the businesses involved.

How important are those benefits?

Because our products are generally used to improve safety within organisations the potential benefits are enormous – preventing a single incident has massive benefits to those likely to be affected by such incidents.