ATMS used for Lessons Learned

Corporate Action Tracker & Lessons Learned, E.ON / Premier Oil

Premier Oil is constantly involved in complex Oil and Gas projects in the North Sea and beyond with each of these projects generating large numbers of actions and Lessons Learned that need proactive management and it is critical that every action is closed out in a timely manner with an audit trail/status of progress available at any time.


Projects generated valuable learnings that were universal and could help other teams solve their own challenges more quickly

Projects also generated large numbers of actions that that required proactive management and closure with an audit trail/status of progress.

ATMS was adopted by EON E & P and transferred to Premier Oil during the acquisition period – which meant that valuable lessons were retained even after the acquisition.



Projects often consisted of team members in multiple organisations, departments and locations, and E.ON E&P had relied on its core staff implementing and controlling their own lessons learned and action management procedures.

There was no unified management of critical project actions, and no way of saving and sharing project learnings

A better way to manage, track and control actions was required, along with a way of storing and organising information by project.


ATMS was introduced as company-wide Action Tracking Management System to streamline and rationalise the entire action management process, and a Lessons Learned Database was implemented by Pisys to collect and share lessons learned and best practices.


  • A better Continuous Improvement cycle, as Lessons Learned are captured and shared with key personnel, and follow-up actions are created easily for all projects.
  • Structured project planning and a defined workflow to closure
  • A ready-made audit trail
  • Better insight into operations, easier retrieval of data: Project Information is categorised and organised, e.g. by vendor, project, business area – which allows for detailed searches and easy creation of statistics