Star Energy Adopt Pisys PTW across all UK sites


Star Energy introduced our permit to work system to make permits and documents easier to access from anywhere and provide dynamic updates so that the team can track the status of permits in real time.


Star Energy Group plc is a UK-based onshore energy business. It operates the largest number of onshore oil and gas fields in the country, as well as developing a number of geothermal projects across the UK.


Star Energy operate many onshore oil and gas fields across the UK, each with different characteristics and operating parameters relating to the maturity of the field and the characteristics of the extracted hydrocarbons. As a result, they are very busy maintaining, testing, and upgrading equipment across the business with a large team spread across a wide area.

Their paper-based permit to work system was no longer adequate for the business. Although each site had a permit board where site permit information was displayed it was difficult to consolidate this information and they were finding it difficult to get a single repository where they could see all the live permits across all their sites.

As paper based permits have several key disadvantages they needed something which would allow them to perform a large range of tasks in hazardous environments, and they needed to adopt a system which would be flexible enough to accommodate the full range of activities that they undertake.


Having taken their requirements to tender, the company adopted the Pisys permit to work system.

The system is cloud-based which allows permits to be created and managed across any number of sites.

Setup was very straightforward and they were able to get their staff onboarded and using the system very quickly. Since it is accessible from a browser, they did not have to install anything locally, which is a huge benefit when there is a large number of personnel working on sites where they do not necessarily control the IT infrastructure.

Star Energy are also able to attach copies of documents such as risk assessments and photos of work sites etc to help those completing the permit, which was extremely difficult to manage with a paper-based system.


An immediate benefit was that the system provided a centralised and easily accessible overview, so that authorised personnel could swiftly review, approve, and track work permits.

The traditional permit board which would be in place at each site was replaced by a dynamic permit list so that they could see real-time updates and notifications, and stakeholders were always able to track the progress and status of each permit.




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'Overall, the Permit to Work system has improved operational efficiency, further enhanced safety and helped us to consolidate vital data on activities across our sites, which in turn has positioned us exceptionally well for growth. Because the system is scalable it is very easy for us to add new sites and the flexibility of the configuration allows us to accommodate any type of task, so we're well placed to move forward with our plans to extend our geothermal business in the future. We're happy with the system and with the support provided by Pisys'

Rob Goodson HSEQ Specialist

Pisys Permit to work system is fully customisable and supports compliance with HSE/ISO/OHSAS Standards

It can be adapted to support your existing Control of Work or HSE Management System and is compatible with HSE Guidance on Electronic Permit to Work Systems, as per HSG250 and because existing control of work systems can be transferred onto PTW, set-up & training times are kept to a minimum. Our Permit to Work system integrates with the Action Tracker and Task Risk Manager modules of the Pisys 360 Suite.

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