PTW Release – Patch Release

What’s new in PTW

The following is a full list of features that were implemented in PTW (patch release).

IBM Maximo Integration

IBM Maximo Application Suite is a set of applications for asset monitoring, management, predictive maintenance, and reliability planning. PTW can now integrate with IBM Maximo and users can create Permits from Work Orders. Please contact Pisys Support if you would like to discuss the requirements of your system.

New Question Control Type that Triggers a Panel

We have introduced a new question control type that when used will trigger a permit panel. Details of the specific changes as follows:

Admin/Permit Questions/Control Edit

  • Add a new Control Type named “Panel Question”.
  • Selecting this Control Type triggers the display of a new row labelled “Select Panel”.
    • This row will contain a dropdown list of all Panels under the current Permit Version, excluding: the Permit Details panel.

Permit Edit Screen

  • For any Questions of type “Panel Question”, these will be displayed as Yes/No dropdowns.
  • If the User selects “Yes” for a “Panel Question”.
    • The Panel will become visible.
    • If there is an associated ‘Top Question’ (i.e., the corresponding fixed Panel question), this will be set to “Yes” and made read-only.
  • Note:
    • Under the circumstances where there a multiple “Panel Question” inputs linked to the same Panel, if any of those are set to “Yes”, the Panel will be visible.

If a Panel has no ‘Top Question’ (i.e., it is always visible under existing functionality), it’s visibility will now be dependent on any associated “Panel Question(s)”.

Custom Isolation Tags

Customers can now request custom isolation tags to be implement in the PTW system. Please contact Pisys Support for more details and to discuss your specific requirements.

Isolations Equipment column has been added to the Excel Export

The Equipment field when creating an Isolation has been added as an extra column to the Export Isolations (isolation list screen) excel spreadsheet.

Export now contains the following columns:

  • No
  • Description
  • Equipment
  • Area
  • Status

Site Emails Signature Box has been made optional

We have now made the site emails signature box optional. The changes are:

  • Added a new checkbox to the “Admin -> Site -> Site Email Edit” screen labelled “Hide Signature”.
  • When selected, the Signature Panel/Section on the “Additional Approval Permit” screen (i.e., labelled as “If approving please complete.”) will be hidden and therefore not required as part of the Approval process.

Site Emails to be made Mandatory before Approval

Site emails act as an additional approval step; however, a user must click on an email group to activate the additional approval process. This means users can skip approval by not clicking on a group. We have now made it mandatory for at least one group to be clicked.

Changes were made as follows:

  • Added a new checkbox to the “Admin -> Site -> Site Email List” screen labelled “Site Email Mandatory”.
    • Added further descriptive text stating: “Enable this setting if at least 1 Site Email selection is required for Permit Approval”.
    • To keep it simple, we have not added a Save button to this list screen. We just added a checkbox and upon clicking to toggle on/off, automatically save the selection and refresh the screen.
  • On the Permit Approval screen under section “Request Additional Approval -> Select the group who additionally need to approve this Permit”, if the Site has been flagged as “Site Email Mandatory”, the User will not be able to Approve the Permit until they have selected one of the available Site Email options.
  • Furthermore, if there is only 1 Site Email option, it will be selected by default.

The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in PTW (patch release):

  1. PTW-1398 – Add Audit trail when an attachment is removed.
  2. PTW-1395 – Daily Lookahead report issues
  3. PTW-1400 – Lookahead Report for Site is not being send.
  4. PTW-1317 – Export of terminology for Permit Questions is not populating the version selection dropdown.
  5. PTW-1327 – Console Error for Permit List Screen.
  6. PTW-1386 – Task Risk Manager Risk Assessment PDF file name change is not coming through to PTW.
  7. PTW-1407 – Welcome Email not delivered to New Users.
  1. PTW-1410 – PTW Access Tokens.
  2. PTW-1405 – Investigate Performance Improvements.
  3. PTW-1435 – Enabling Panel Type questions by Yes does not hide them when you select N/A or -Select-
  4. PTW-1388 – Increase Permit Ball Colours.
  5. PTW-1404 – Import of Permit Question set Replaces everything in Permit Details Panel.
  6. PTW-1419 – User that has never logged into the PTW system shows as having a last login date in User/Edit screen.
  7. PTW-1409 – Contractor Management Auto Generated Emails on Docs.
  8. PTW-1408 – Delete Panel Types Not in Use.

The following list of bugs were identified and were also fixed in this release:

  1. PTW-1455 – Site & Areas do not seem to be selected properly when trying to create a new permit from TRMS.
  2. PTW-1444 – Gas Tests are skipped for a permit that uses the Final Checks as the Panel to trigger them.
  3. PTW-1449 – Reissue Information button opens up the screen in full edit mode.
  4. PTW-1446 – Server Error when creating a duplicate Recipient via Issue screen.
  5. PTW-1440 – DropDown List Colours and Font Colours for Options
  6. PTW-1445 – Colour issues with fonts and backgrounds
  7. PTW-1448 – Using Panel Questions and selecting No auto-populates other questions that were not selected.
  8. PTW-1438 – KKS & Description fields for Evero Iso Tags show numbers if a PTW system specific control is used.
  9. PTW-1439 – Description set as Point Type fails to print with server error.
  10. PTW-1425 – Emailer Service – Verify Reminder Emails is working correctly.
  11. PTW-1432 – Panel Type Question includes the Current Panel when creating a new Question.
  12. PTW-1434 – Panel Type questions appear on different workflow stages if they were created as a normal control type first.
  13. PTW-1435 – Enabling Panel Type questions by Yes does not hide them when you select N/A or -Select-
  14. PTW-1422 – Additional Approval Details Does Not Appear in Printout
  15. PTW-1437 – Isolation Tag Printout button (per isolation line)
  16. PTW-1428 – Report button in Sites & Areas
  17. PTW-1436 – Isolation Settings Screen
  18. PTW-1431 – Maximo Link is not created if the follow up screen is the Isolations screen or the Email User screen.
  19. PTW-1430 – Isolation Links are lost when creating a permit from a work order.
  20. PTW-1429 – Plot Plan screen is skipped when creating a permit from a work order.
  21. PTW-1426 – Server Error when trying to create Area for a PTW that uses Maximo.
  22. PTW-1421 – Colour for Permit Board, Gantt Chart, Calendar & Google Marker is lost.
  23. PTW-1418 – Label Alignment
  24. PTW-1404 – Import of Permit Question set Replaces everything in Permit Details Panel
  25. PTW-1419 – User that has never logged into the PTW system shows as having a last login date in User/Edit screen.
  26. PTW-1420 – Server Error when trying to delete permits that have a Final Approver.
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