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What’s new in PTW v1.5.2.0

The following is a full list of features that were implemented in Pisys PTW

Usability changes for the Permit Details (top section) on Permits.

At the top of every permit there is a section that is used for recording information about the description of the task the permit is for, the company that will do the work, the area the permit is in, the date and time the permit was created and allows attachments of RAMS and Method Statements.

Users were not able to edit this section. We have now made changes to the top section of the Permit so that the fields listed can be configured from the admin screen.

We have also added the ability to include user definable questions in this section. These fields have the same ability as most other user definable controls. These controls can be any control type.

Risk Assessments in PTW.

We are very pleased to have added the ability to create RAMS for PTW using our Task Risk Manager. Task Risk Manager is a cloud-based tool to assist in task-based risk management. An uncluttered interface gets you straight to the data you need, and the central risk register means that all stakeholders see the current state of critical risk data.

  • Helps Create RAMS from lists of Hazards and Control Measures.
  • Works for all types of businesses/premises/worksites.
  • Fully customisable hazard and control measure selections.
  • Integrates with a single sign on with Permit to Work.

Task Risk Management is a useful way to integrate the principles of task analysis into a wider risk management process. We believe that there are significant benefits to taking a task-based approach, prioritised around process safety risks. Properly implemented and supported by best-in-class tools, the way human factors and process risks are understood and managed can be significantly improved.

As in all our Pisys360 products, Task Risk Manager focuses on accessibility and ease of use. A user can create a risk assessment using Task Risk Management, and then with a single click create a permit in PTW that will have the risk assessment attached. A user can also create a permit and when the time comes select an already created risk assessment from a dropdown within the permit edit screen.

If you would like more information on Task Risk Manager and how you can enable it for your PTW instance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team (

Allow Duplicate Control Names in Panels.

We have removed the restriction to not allow duplicate control names within the same panel.

Copying Permits.

We have changed the way copying of permits works. A Permit can be copied as many times as the user chooses.

History screen for a Parent Permit has been updated with a dropdown selection for any children it may have, shown in descending order of when they were created.

When clicking the “Move to Follow up” button on the Permit Edit screen:

  • If there is 1 child Permit, that Permit is opened as per existing functionality.
  • If there are multiple child Permits, a popup containing a dropdown with that list is displayed, shown in descending create-date order with the most recent pre-selected.

Copying Isolations.

We have added the ability to copy Isolations. The added functionality is as follows:

  • Button added to the Isolation Edit screen for “Copy Current Isolation”.
    • This is available any time after an Isolation has been created.
    • Clicking displays a new Isolation, prepopulated with the following details from the original:
      • Work Area
      • Additional Details
      • Work to be Carried Out
      • Equipment
      • Department
      • Work Category
      • Lock Box
      • Reason For Isolation
      • Request Date
      • Performed By
      • Company
      • Recipient
      • Details/Equipment List
    • Like the Permit-Copy, the copied Isolation is only ‘created’ once the User clicks the Save button.
    • Button added to the Isolation Edit screen on any copied Isolation for “View Original Isolation” to allow the User to navigate to the Isolation which was originally copied.
      • Clicking the “Return” button on the Original Isolation (i.e., only after navigating to it from the copy) takes the User back to the copy.
    • Button added to the Isolation History screen on any copied Isolation for “View Original” to allow the User to navigate to the History of the Isolation which was originally copied.
      • Clicking the “Return” button on the Original Isolation History (i.e., only after navigating to it from the copy) takes the User back to the copy History.

Printed Permits’ Status.

On the pdf printout, we have now included the status of the permit at the time of print. It has been added at the top of each page below the permit number.


The following is a list of enhancements that were implemented in PTW

  • PTW-1238 – Add Additional RAMS.
  • PTW-1245 – Copying Permits.
  • PTW-1246 – Copy Isolations.
  • PTW-1251 – Printed Permits’ Status.
  • PTW-1131 – Usability changes for the Permit Details (top section) on Permits.
  • PTW-1263 – Allow Duplicate Control Names In Panel.
  • PTW-1254 – TRMS User Mapping.
  • PTW-1261 – TRMS Site/Area/Location Archiving.
  • PTW-1259 – Remove the title of the permit type panel.

The following list of bugs were identified and were also fixed in this release.

  • PTW-1264 – Lockout.
  • PTW-1260 – Permits getting “locked” after workflow steps happen out of sync.
  • PTW-1256 – Deleting a Permit that had a TRMS connection throws server error.
  • PTW-1253 – Potential Permit-Copy Issues.
  • PTW-1255 – Deselect “Create New Isolation” Problem.
  • PTW-1257 – Delete of Permit with PMA throws server error.
  • PTW-1247 – Server Error when Loading Plot Plans.
  • PTW-1248 – Permit markers on Home Screen all show as Permit Details.
  • PTW-1249 – Copy Existing Attachments on Copy Permit.

If you have any comments or queries about this release, please get in touch with  – we rely on your feedback to help us continually improve.

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