Integrated HSE vs Large Enterprise

The age of the dinosaurs is over

It may just have been a case of wrong place/wrong time/giant comet that caused the Dinosaurs’ extinction, but we believe that big HSE issues need a new, more agile way of responding than the massive and cumbersome¬† Enterprise systems that prevail in many corporates.

The move towards ‘Enterprise’ HSE systems inevitably resulted in large and complex systems which made getting to the information you need difficult and frustrating. For evidence of this you only need to look at the number of spreadsheets being used to track critical data in companies which have invested heavily in enterprise systems. At Pisys we understand the importance of being able to access the data you need quickly and effectively – so our products are laser focussed on delivering rapid access and ease of use – we are now proud to announce that our core HSEQ products can be integrated under our Pisys 360 suite.

Pay for and Use what you need

We’ve been building software for the HSE market since 1988 and our licensing model hasn’t changed – in fact if you are an existing user of one of our systems you will be offered a discounted rate for any other products you may want.

Potential Use Case

A Risk assessment ( undertaken with our Task Risk Manager) highlights some corrective actions which require permitting – a single click opens the permit to work system where all required permits can be raised. It works the other way round as well – a permit could require a RA before proceeding – all seamlessly managed by the Pisys 360 integration

Pisys 360 is simply a connector which manages login details and exposes API functionality from each system

Single sign on – integrates with your Azure Active Directory. We support Azure AD auth (using OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect) and simple form authentication, so the login you use at the start of your day can give you access to any of our tools.

Whatever size of business you have, Pisys360 allows you to scale your use to match your requirements – underpinned by the massive power of Amazon Web services and underpinned by our legendary customer service !

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