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Pisys Permit to Work in the Chocolate Tank

Flowers at Argitech Research Site where Pisys Permit to Work was implemented

Case Study: This snacks manufacturer went digital and re-designed their Permit to Work System at the same time with the help of Pisys PTW.
The software now helps the company’s 250 staff work safely across their 3 locations and in areas with delicious names, such as “Chocolate Tank” and “Sugar Silo”.

The Challenge: A Complete PTW System Overhaul

Having watched the online PTW demo on the Pisys website, this company called and arranged a live demo. They were open to a completely new approach to Permit to Work, instead of simply converting an existing paper system. They did not send any example permits from their current system, but asked the Pisys team for ideas of how Pisys PTW could be put to work inside their factory.

A software trial was the next step, with the intention to overhaul the existing permit questions before implementing the new system.

Pisys emailed the customer team a spreadsheet containing the PTW system’s standard question set. Key personnel at the Food Manufacturing Plant used these questions as a starting point for designing their own permit questions, relevant to their own way of working. After a couple of months, the company came back to Pisys with a full set of newly designed Permit Questions, which the Pisys team imported into the trial system.

The Solution: Brand New Permit Questions and an Electronic System

This customer’s comprehensive new PTW system consists of ‘panels’ of questions for Hot Work, Confined Space, Working at Height, Electrical, Environmental Impact, Isolations, Asbestos, Hazardous Materials, Excavations/Groundwork and Sloping/Flat Roofs.

Not all of these question sets are required for every permit to work – they can be selected at permit creation if required or hidden otherwise.

The trial went ahead and merged seamlessly into the roll-out. By the time Pisys received the Purchase Order, the system was already well established.

The Result:

This company benefits from simple, robust electronic PTW system which has been re-designed, tested and implemented within a few months.

We asked for comments. Here’s what they said:

"We're very happy. It's a nice simple system that does what is says on the tin".

Sadly – given the tempting names of PTW activities in the system (“check chocolate tank for leaks”, “commission belt for fruit dispenser”, “install syrup boiling system”) – on-site technical support from the Pisys team was never required.

Find out more about Pisys PTW  by visiting our Permit to Work page.

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