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PTW system plot plans show Food company Permits at Desert Locations

People standing at electronic plot plan of Pisys PTW Permit to Work Software

Case Study:This Middle Eastern Farming and Food & Drinks Manufacturing Company, which employ 40 000 staff, successfully implemented Pisys permit to work software (PTW). They achieved better communications through automatic email notifications and a geographical representation of permits in factories at remote desert locations.

As a result, they can manage concurrent jobs, and HSE Management can visualize all ongoing work at all sites at a glance.

The Challenge: Too Much Admin, Not Enough Overview

There was a paper permit to work system in place already, but this customer found it to be too admin-intensive and it did not give them the communication between remote sites and management that they required. They envisaged an electronic system that would let them share permit information on a plan at a glance.

The goal was better communication between the remote sites and management in a central office – and the company achieved this using Pisys Permit to Work software.

The Solution: Working with Pisys to Develop Plot Plans of All Remote Sites

Pisys worked with this customer to develop the PTW plot plan feature, which shows permits as colour-coded dots in their location on the plot plan. A separate plot plan for each site was created.

Pisys also built a link into to Google Maps into the PTW system, so that permits show when zooming in on a site – enabling faster communication and better planning of conflicting activities.

People standing at electronic plot plan of Pisys PTW Permit to Work Software

The Results: Permit Plot Plans, Email Notifications, Checks & Balances

Each of the factories now has their own electronic plot plan, indicating the location of each permit. Permits also display when zooming in on a site on Google Maps. They can be viewed by management staff anywhere in the company.

In addition, internal communications for this customer have improved greatly through their use of the email notifications functionality of  the PTW system. This feature allows personnel to sign up to receive automatic email notifications, at key stages of a permit’s life workflow – e.g. at creation, issue and close-out. Again, this gives better communication with remote sites, and management are better informed.

The Permit to Work systemalso gives this customer greater control over their workflows and puts in place a system of checks and balances: Permit Creators cannot approve their own permit. This – again – ensures communication between staff, and a second pair of eyes before permit issue.


People standing at electronic plot plan of Pisys PTW Permit to Work Software

Looking Ahead: The PTW App

Pisys and this customer continue to work together on optimising the PTW System for them.

The next step for this company will be the roll-out of the Pisys PTW iPad App, which allows Permits to be created, approved and handed back in locations where there is no access to WiFi or 4G Signal.

Find out more about Pisys PTW system by visiting our Permit to Work page or call us on 01224  672460 to find out more about the PTW App.

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