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The system has been developed by experts in the field to bring sophisticated and complex catenary analysis to any offshore practitioner.

WinCAT is ready to perform both onshore and offshore in design analysis, installation studies, anchor laying, rig moves, sub-sea operations and many more applications.

"We find WinCAT to be an excellent complement to our software library. It has an excellent user interface & is very user friendly."

John R Pittman - Deputy Head, US Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center


WinCAT Features

Users tell us that WinCAT is a valuable tool that supports mooring analysis and provides quick, efficient, and detailed results of the catenary line problem when addressing pay-out and clearance issues.

Line Sections

Multiple line sections with different properties for each


Support buoys positioned at any points along the line


Workboat option to handle line installation and laying


Sloping seabed and ground friction can be modelled


In-built database of line properties including chain, wire, etc.


User additions to database for lines, buoys and anchors

Switchable units

Switchable units (Metric & Imperial) for input and results


Comprehensive results presented in tabular format

Graphic Plots

Graphic catenary plots with multiple cases per plot


Interaction with plots for line details and measurements


Easy to export results to Excel and PDF format


Collaborate with others via email from within the website


WinCAT Software In Detail

New Data Creation

The create new data sequence, steps through the following series of data entry windows: Project Details, Catenary Setup, Line Composition, Section Details, Line Deployment, Catenary Lines.


The Dashboard shows all existing projects within the system. Selecting a project will load the project edit screen with the Catenary Lines summary allowing the data to be modified, or the catenary results to be computed. From here a user can create a new project which leads into the sequence of data entry windows which allows new catenary lines to be set up, or import a file which will create a new project with information and Catenary Line setup extracted from the file.

Catenary Setup

Catenary Setup allows for setting up or editing the details of a catenary line. WinCAT can handle the data for any number of catenary lines. All lines are Enabled by default. If the enabled check is cleared, then the catenary line becomes dormant. The data is retained, but no results are computed or are available for printing.

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Line Composition

A line is composed of one or more sections which are identified by their number. Every line must have a section which is attached to the vessel at the surface. All the sections defined for a line are shown in WinCAT under the Line Composition tab where the Line Type, Nominal Size, Length and Node Type are summarised.

Catenary Plot Tabs

The Catenary Plot tabs display the output from the computations in a series of tabs, one for each catenary line. The WinCAT catenary plots are accurately drawn and can be included in the printed output. Line Details provides a quick way to access the Catenary Setup for modifying the data of the selected catenary.


The Results Table located under the Catenary Plots shows the numeric output from the computations for one catenary line in an easily understood tabular format. The results table can be included in the printed output, and the content and order of the results table can be customised so that only the information relevant to a particular analysis is given. Where there are several catenary lines in the dataset the Results Table relates to the selected Catenary Plot.


Watch our demo video to see how WinCAT works in more detail


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Database of line properties

Switchable units

Graphic catenary plots

Export results to Excel and PDF

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Database of line properties

Switchable units

Graphic catenary plots

Export results to Excel and PDF

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Database of line properties

Switchable units

Graphic catenary plots

Export results to Excel and PDF

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