The world’s most widely used Major Emergency/Incident Response and Control Room training simulator

A comprehensive Major Emergency Management/Control Room Operator Training model replicating a fixed platform with drilling, and oil and gas production, designed for optimal MEM and CRO training, replicating a real-world control room simulator to create a realistic training environment for students.

The control room simulator is regularly used to run OPITO approved courses and it is part of our Training Simulator suite. All our simulators have the facility for an instructor to observe and interact with the trainees.


Any model can be provided to suit customer requirements, however we have a range of off-the-shelf generic models including but not limited to:

Power Station Simulation

Simulate turbines and control systems, train power station staff in routine operation and emergency response. A realistic, safe way to train control room staff in all aspects of power station operation Peterhead Power Station is a multi-generator station situated just south of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire. It is owned and operated by SSE plc. Pisys built a full-featured control room simulator alongside the operational control suite to allow for staff training.

Jack-Up Training

An incredibly realistic simulator allowing familiarisation with marine operations relating to self-elevating platforms.

Features include: Elevated operations, Management of operations, Stability and marine operations, Foundations and elevated operations, Rig moving Practice (wet and dry transport), Punch through, Accidents and losses.

FPSO Training

FPSO Training simulator accurately emulates the key operational processes of a generic FPSO including production, fire and gas along with other key operations to create a highly realistic training environment.

Pisys can design a bespoke FPSO model to meet your requirements – or we can provide an off-the-shelf model which is widely used to train crews worldwide. Our model is extremely detailed covering all key vessel systems.

Moving Platform

Our moving platform option provides a highly realistic training environment.

If required, we can supply the system installed on a hydraulically activated platform for added realism (also available on FPSO and Jack-up systems). We can also create a bespoke model of your specific asset, replicating all relevant aspects of the control room to provide whatever level of fidelity is required.

The control room is large enough to accommodate a full CRO team and brings an added element of realism to scenarios such as semi-submersible ballast control, rig move etc. The platform’s movement can also be set up to reflect any desired sea state, bringing an extra dimension into play.

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Train without Travelling

Reduce travel costs and carbon footprint!

We appreciate that it is no longer straightforward to justify the cost of travel to an international training centre. That’s why we have built our Cloud-based training platform – allowing access via the internet while retaining the high levels of realism and effectiveness of the ‘on premise’ system.

Students and instructors interact with voice, simulated radio, PA, phone and email. The control systems will operate to replicate the function of the physical systems and instructors can create scenarios which can be paused and replayed or stored for future use.

The cloud system can also be used for Incident and emergency response management training simply by loading a new model.


Simulated Incident on Offshore Wind Farm

When we built our configurable Incident Management training simulator we didn’t foresee it being used to train responders to deal with an occupation of one of their turbines by environmental protestors – but that’s why we made it configurable ! We were able to quickly create a real time status screen showing an unknown vessel...